As Jews Call for “Increased Competition” with China, They Continue to Shut Down “Racist” AP Courses

“Bitch, I ain’t even be know what you be is sayin’ bot nunna dis sheeiiit.”

We have to compete with China.

We also have to punish our children for being competitive.

New York Post:

A top Manhattan middle school sent parents into a rage when it announced that it was junking accelerated math classes — and agreed to hold meetings first amid the backlash.

In what some families ripped as the Department of Education’s latest smothering of advanced academics, Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies principal Megan Adams emailed parents that “we will no longer have leveled math courses at Lab Middle School.”

“I know this is a change,” she wrote, without offering any rationale for the move. “I assure you that this decision was not made lightly.”

Former Lab teacher Maggie Feurtado, who founded the program roughly a decade ago before retiring this year, said she was “simply appalled” by the weekend announcement.

“This is all in the name of equity,” she told The Post. “And it’s likely coming from above. But it’s misguided. Having everyone in the same class hurts everybody.”

With parental fury erupting on social media, Adams sent out another email Tuesday afternoon saying the announcement was “premature.”

“We will be holding community meetings where parents and educators can hear from one another, and school leadership can collect feedback,” she wrote.

The plan to cancel separate accelerated math classes would be put on “pause,” Adams said.

They’re going to cancel the program.

This is one notable example, given that Lab is probably the most famous middle school in America, but schools across the country are shutting down anything that is seen as benefiting white people. This began all the way back in the Obama years – here’s an article about it from 2014. It has gone ultra in the mania of the BLM movement.

Like the Critical Race Theory curriculums, removing Advanced Placement (AP) programs is a mandate that is being enforced across the country in the name of fighting against racism.

Communism only works one way: you have to drag everyone in society down to the level of the lowest common denominator. With this new race-based Marxism, that means that white people (and Asians) have to be dragged down to the level of the blacks. That means that there is no place for AP courses, as the people who place into these courses are almost universally white and Asian, because biologically, their IQs are much higher.

Punishing people for being successful is totally insane in any context. But this becomes especially insane when these headlines about the government ending AP programs to stop racism come alongside the government making claims that we have to be more competitive against the Chinese.

America is a country. People who go to school in America end up working at companies in America. If you want those companies to be as competitive as possible on the global scene, you would want the kids that are growing up and will eventually work at those companies to be as well-educated as possible. When you are purposefully dragging down children, you cannot also talk about the need for your companies to be competitive with countries that are not purposefully dragging down children.

China also encourages stable families, while the US government encourages women to destroy families. China creates an environment for creative people to thrive and to be rewarded for their achievements. America is actively working against achievement and has been for a long time. The entire millennial generation was effectively written off, prevented from breeding, funneled into a student loans scam, fed opioids. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re now failing to compete with the Chinese.

The US government is not attempting to reduce the destruction of the youth, and is instead intensifying it. Marriages are failing at a greater rate. People are more and more failing to get married, and in fact giving up on dating altogether. We see the results, and the government responds by demanding even more abortions, more homosexuality, more punishment for whiteness.

You cannot square this circle: either we want to destroy the American people as some kind of political statement, or we want to compete in the global marketplace with the Chinese.

China is now the biggest economy in the world, and the only possible way the US could ever displace them would be to invest in White Male Christian Heterosexuals.

The Democrats – the same people behind these anti-white programs to hurt American youth – are at the forefront of planning to use sanctions as a way to close the performance gap between America and the Chinese. The odious Jew terrorist Chuck Schumer, who has been at the front of the campaign to crush the white race, is at the front of the campaign to sanction China for beating America on the global market. He drafted the latest anti-China mega-bill.

But this cannot possibly be a legitimate long-term strategy. They can attack the Chinese and try to cost them money, but there cannot possibly be real competition between the US and the Chinese so long as the core population of the United States is under continual assault.

If we had the ability to compete with China, we could just compete with China – we wouldn’t need to break the rules of competition by using Jewish sanctions regimes to try to cripple their ability to compete. The Jews are using a kind of Tonya Harding economic strategy.

This is absurd, it’s shameful, and it cannot possibly work.

From cars, to planes, to phones, to computers, to TVs and appliances – the Chinese are going to win in the long run.

Given the obvious fact that China doesn’t have Jews, they are going to win because they are rejecting feminism, and that means that you do not have communism, you do not have mass immigration, and you do not have broken families.