Argentina: Man Puts Gun in the Face of Hated Female VP, Fires – Gun Jams

This looks like a fake event a politician would stage for sympathy, frankly.

Not saying that’s the case.

But it looks like it.

New York Post:

Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was threatened by a man with a gun late on Thursday, in what one government colleague described as an assassination attempt, but she was not harmed and no shots were fired.

The incident took place at the entrance of Fernandez de Kirchner’s Buenos Aires home, where hundreds of protesters have gathered in recent days to support the former president, who is in the midst of a corruption trial.

The economy minister, Sergio Massa, called the incident an “attempted assassination”.

“When hate and violence prevail over debate, societies are destroyed and situations like these arise: attempted assassination,” he said on Twitter.

A police spokesman told Reuters that an armed man had been arrested near the residence and “a weapon was found a few metres from the scene”. He said the man could be of Brazilian origin.

Television footage had shown that no shots were fired after the man pointed a gun at Fernandez in the middle of a crowd. Media noted that the man appeared middle-aged.

The Clarin newspaper reported that the gun was loaded, citing official sources. Reuters could not independently confirm this.

This still shot is so hilarious.

Every bitch is on top of the world until she’s got a gun in her face.