Appearing in a T-Shirt After a Day of Committing Atrocities, Zelensky Announces He’s Taking Back Donbass and Crimea

I don’t even understand what is going on here.

Is he joking?

This “war” has been going on for four months, and the Ukraine has done nothing but lose territory, nonstop, the whole time.

The head of NATO just called for a surrender.

What is Zelensky saying here? How can he take back territory he lost when he had an army now that he doesn’t even have an army?


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to “liberate” the Russian territory of Crimea and the independent republics of Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (LPR). He was speaking just hours after reports of the Ukrainian military shelling residential buildings, a marketplace and a maternity hospital in the center of Donetsk.

“We will come to all our cities, to all our villages, which do not yet have our flag,” Zelensky boasted in a video address on Monday night, claiming that his army will defeat its Russian opponents in eastern Ukraine and recapture the cities of Mariupol, Kherson and Melitopol from Russian and DPR and LPR forces.


“And I ask everyone who has such an opportunity to communicate with people in the occupied south…say that there will be liberation,” he continued. “Say it to Gorlovka, Donetsk, Lugansk. Tell them that the Ukrainian army will definitely come.”


Of course, we will liberate our Crimea as well. Let every Russian official who has seized precious land in Crimea remember: this is not the land where they will have peace,” he threatened.

Donetsk and Lugansk declared independence from Ukraine two days before the outbreak of conflict in February, and Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia in 2014.

Hours before Zelensky spoke, Ukrainian shells hit a maternity hospital, a marketplace and residential areas. Dozens of injuries have been reported and a mother and her 11-year-old son are among the dead, according to DPR officials.

Reports claim that as many as 300 rockets and artillery shells hit the city in a single two-hour period on Monday, and that NATO-supplied 155mm shells were used in the attack.

While Zelensky has promised to fly the Ukrainian flag once more over Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea, there remain major doubts as to his military’s remaining capabilities. Mikhail Podoliak, an aide to the Ukrainian leader, told the BBC last week that Kiev is losing between 100 and 200 troops daily – not counting those wounded – as Russia advances in the Donbass region.


Zelensky can fire US missiles at civilian targets. That’s all he can do. He can slaughter the people he’s claiming he wants to “liberate.” And his ability to do that is not going to last much longer.

Three-quarters of the Ukraine military has been destroyed. They are claiming they will build a second military from random people they pulled off the street. We’ll see how that works, I guess.

The Donbass forces have issued a statement elaborating on the fact that Zelensky is now just mass targeting civilians with American weapons.


The Donetsk Peoples’ Republic (DPR) is requesting additional “allied forces” to help in its fight against Ukrainian forces, its head, Denis Pushilin, outlined on Monday in a video address. The move comes amid reported heavy artillery shelling by Kiev of residential areas in Donetsk and other locations across the republic.

“The enemy has literally crossed all lines. Prohibited methods of warfare are being used. The residential areas and the central districts of the city of Donetsk are under artillery shelling, other cities and towns of the DPR are also under fire,” Pushilin stated.

Therefore, the republic is requesting Russia to deploy additional forces to help in the ongoing conflict, the official stated. “An understanding was reached that all the necessary additional forces of the allied troops, primarily of Russia, will be deployed,” he said.

This is total shock and awe on civilians. No military targets anywhere.

These people are just lunatics. Here’s a video of them shooting at children – in Kiev!

This is what happens when you submit to Jews controlling your country. You become the kind of people who blow up residential buildings and shoot guns at little kids for no reason.

The US would typically need to release a statement reminding the stupid goyim that the people randomly slaughtering civilians are the good guys. But they don’t need to do that in this case, because no one is seeing these stories, because it’s all been censored.

The UN told Ukraine to stop blowing up maternity hospitals.

But Americans won’t hear about that. If they do, they’ll just assume those were evil homophobic white mothers and children.

Needless to say: if you just start launching missiles at civilian residential buildings without even claiming there is a military target, you’re probably not winning very well.

If I was Putin, I’d tell Zelensky that for every missile he fires at a civilian target in the Donbass, I’m firing ten missiles from Syria at civilian targets in Israel.

But I guess there’s a reason I’m not Putin.

But it’s over. The war is over. The West lost. Russia won. Jesus won. Whites won.