AP Fact-Checks IRS Plan to Kill You

These are recent images from the IRS program to train agents to murder people who don’t pay enough taxes

So the IRS is hiring 87,000 new people, some number of whom are being trained to kill people. Everyone agrees on that.

There is video of them training to kill.

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But I guess someone on the internet said that all 87,000 new agents are being trained to kill, and the government hasn’t explicitly said that – so the Associated Press needed to fact-check the dumb idiots saying that.


It’s being claimed by some that an online job ad shows that all new employees that the IRS intends to hire after a funding boost in the Inflation Reduction Act will be required to carry a firearm and use deadly force if necessary.

Here’s the truth: The job description does not apply to most potential new employees that the IRS will hire in the coming years, and the vast majority of IRS workers are not armed.

How are those things in contradiction?

There was an ad saying that new IRS employees would need to use deadly force. And there is video of them training with weapons.

No one knows how many of the 87,000 new agents will be armed and trained to kill.

A legitimate job ad for special agents within the small law-enforcement division of the IRS that works on criminal investigations was misrepresented online following the passage this month of a $740 billion economic package that includes nearly $80 billion for the IRS.

Many posts in recent days shared a screenshot that features the IRS logo and the text, “Major Duties.”

The listed duties on the image include being able to “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.” Social-media users claimed that the image was a job ad for thousands of new IRS employees that will be hired as a result of the bill.

“The IRS is looking to fill 87,000 positions,” one Facebook user who shared the image wrote. “Requirements include working min ‘50 hours per week, which may include irregular hours, and be on-call 24/7, including holidays and weekends’ and ‘Carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force, if necessary.’ ”

A Twitter user wrote: “Want to be one of the new 87,000 IRS agents? Are you willing to carry a firearm and use DEADLY FORCE? This is not at all concerning.” These social media users are falsely depicting a legitimate job ad for a special agent with IRS Criminal Investigation as a generic ad for all new positions.

While that language does not currently appear on the IRS web page advertising the special agent role, a search of the Internet Archive shows that the same language can be found on the page as recently as Aug. 11.

Yes – they removed it because people were claiming that the IRS was hiring cops to kill people for not paying enough taxes.

The fact that they deleted it from their page seems to indicate something bad.

But what are we even arguing about here, AP?

Okay, you can find some random person on Facebook who that said all 87,000 are going to be armed, that that presumably is an exaggeration. So what? They are hiring new armed agents and no one has explained why the IRS would need to kill people.

Why not do a fact check on “why the IRS needs to kill people”?

This is what they do with these ridiculous “fact-checks”: they take something real, then find some random person on Facebook saying a slightly wrong version of the real thing. Then they debunk the random person. Then, when people see the headline, they think that the original thing that was real has been debunked.

Here’s their headline:

Well – how many thousands of armed agents are they hiring? The AP admits that they are hiring armed agents and training them to kill, then they just say “well, it’s not all 87,000.”

Okay – how many is it?

But people will see that headline and think “oh that person I saw saying the IRS is hiring armed agents must have been from QAnon Fake News of Moscow.”

How about: “fact check: why can’t the IRS just call up local police if they think someone they are auditing is planning to kill them? Fact check: why can’t they bring an FBI agent? Fact check: in what situation does the IRS need to use deadly force?”

I’m so sick of these fake fact checkers.

It’s so dumb.

They keep fact-checking satire too.

It’s just a ridiculous thing.

As far as I can tell, they are planning to send IRS agents to kill people – or at least they want people to think they’re doing that.

The best you can hope for is that the IRS agent they send to kill you is really hot and the last thing you see is her tits hanging out before she blows your brains out and loots your safe.