AOC Fakes Getting Arrested

On Wednesday, AOC was at some kind of pro-abortion event in front of the Supreme Court. She was blocking traffic in the road and faked getting arrested. People are calling it #AOCSmollett, in reference to actor Jussie Smollett faking a hate crime against himself.

There is zero doubt that she was pretending to be in handcuffs. It’s not clear if the police themselves were in on it, or if they were simply leading her out of the traffic so that people could drive their cars.

It’s a pretty based Girl Boss move to be a decadent, wealthy, pampered member of the ruling class and constantly claim you are being oppressed.

Imagine if like, Joseph Stalin went around talking about how he was being oppressed by peasants.

She made a video claiming that she was just incidentally holding her hands behind her back as if she was handcuffed, and that it is a conspiracy theory that she was pretending to be handcuffed.

People are making the conspiracy theory against her to oppress her, she suggests.

Remember last week when AOC was saying she was being oppressed by Alex Stein flirting with her?

See: Alex Stein Flirts with Big Booty Latina AOC – She Threatens to Change the System to Destroy Him

Alex joked around with her outside of Congress, and she made a video while pointing down at him, saying she wants to transform the institution of government so that peasants aren’t allowed to talk to her.

She says it should be illegal for peasants to talk to her.

A reader made a funny comment about that scene:

There is something that is literally inexplicable about brutal, decadent people who lord over the peasantry worse than any king in all of history would have dared do also claiming that peasants are oppressing them.

I guess if someone put a gun to my head and told me to explicate it, I would use the word “audacity.”

Yes. Sometimes it helps to look words up, because I think “presumptuous impudence” works perfectly as a description for this now very common practice of the extremely powerful claiming to be oppressed by landless peasants who are fundamentally defenseless.

This kind of presumptuous impudence, while certainly offensive, demands some level of awe, because these people not only go beyond what you would ever consider doing, but manage to go beyond what you could even imagine another person doing. It is only possible that you are able to conceive of the behavior because you are witnessing it.

It’s easy to complain about what is going on in our society right now, and I think we have an obligation to complain about it. We have a Christian obligation to moral outrage at the bizarre evil of these people who rule us.

However, I think it is also necessary that we take time to laugh at the absurdity of it. All evil is in some way humorous, as it violates the order of nature. It is difficult to imagine a more distilled version of the complete violation of nature than for the most powerful people in the world to claim to be oppressed by the people they rule over.

Well, it is probably second only to “gay sex” in terms of violation of nature.

I made a joke once about a man who has never heard of homosexuals before. The man is told that the two men across the room are lovers, and he jokes: “what do they do, stick their dicks in each other’s assholes?”