Antifa with Guns Protect Drag Queen Show from People Who Oppose Child Empowerment

Just when you thought the Faggot Patrol couldn’t get any gayer…it goes double-anal on your small son.

Stormer-endorsed Arizona Senate candidate Ali Jamal was at this event, and I hear he was basically organizing and leading it.

This is an artist’s rendition of Ali at the event:

(Though he may have appeared darker-skinned and less violent in real life.)

New York Post:

Armed conservative activists and Proud Boys faced off against gun-toting Antifa counter-protesters at a children’s drag brunch in Texas over the weekend.

A viral video showed the right-wing and left-wing demonstrators yelling at one another on Sunday afternoon outside Anderson Distillery & Grille in Roanoke.

The sold-out “Barrel Babes Drag Brunch” was billed by its organizers as a place where “kindness and inclusion meets fabulous fun.”

But as the video shows, there was more fury than fun on display outside the venue, with gun-wielding conservative group members picketing the restaurant, and masked anti-fascists dressed in black standing guard outside while brandishing AR-15-style rifles and Gay Pride flags.

The angry confrontation, which was watched over by a throng of police officers acting as peacekeepers, did not escalate to physical violence and resulted in no known arrests, according to an official with the Roanoke Police Department, Dallas News reported.

News of the brunch, which saw drag performers entertain children with musical numbers and comedy skits, had been bouncing around social media platforms for days, prompting conservative groups to call for protests — despite the restaurant owner’s reassurances that the event would include no sexual content, foul language or “erotic behavior.”

These people are guiding the entire cultural narrative.

It’s a very small number of pedophiles and Jews, and a slightly larger number of white women, who just want to destroy everything and do rimjobs on your small sons.

This is in Texas, by the way – just let me say this one more time. A gigantic nigger in the Kimberly suit.

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