Anti-White Tech: Twitch Bans lolisocks for Getting Arrested for Pouring Milk on Himself

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2019

Twitch is becoming one of the weirder cases of tech abuse. Recently, streamer Ninja left the site because he was being abused by management, then they started running porn on his channel for some reason.

Ninja is like one of the biggest gamers on earth, but Twitch couldn’t keep him on their platform and they took revenge on his fans by turning his page into a sex show.

Meanwhile, lolisocks, an Australian who streams 24/7 for some reason, gets banned from Twitch for getting arrested for pouring milk on himself.

He already did the time, Twitch.

You can’t punish a man twice for one crime – it’s immoral. He got a $400 ticket for dressing up in an anime maid costume and pouring milk all over himself at the supermarket. This is an issue for the cops – not Twitch global behavior regulators.

lolisocks was also recently blocked from streaming on YouTube for some reason.

He is a heterosexual white male who is in good shape and is into anime, so I guess such people must simply be punished for who they are.

The cops in Australia actually seem relatively reasonable.

lolisocks is planning to come to America to visit when his ban is up on YouTube, in which case I’m sure he’ll be punished much worse for his actions. If a jacked white guy in an anime maid costume poured milk all over himself in front of a supermarket in America, he’d go to jail for several weeks, minimum. Maybe worse.

And if a morbidly obese woman watching him do it has a heart attack – forget about it. That’s 419 years, easy.

No country for young white men.

No internet either, apparently.


Imagine they want us to believe there is a single person that would rather watch¬†Sanjana Nagesh take ownership of her identity than watch lolisocks get arrested covered in milk in an anime maid outfit with the live chat reading out “please officer I’ll suck your dick if you don’t arrest me” and him saying “sorry, I didn’t say that.”

That just simply isn’t believable.

I do not believe it.