Anti-Jewish Culture Warrior Roger Waters Denounces the Negroes: “I am Far, Far, Far More Important Than Any of Them Will Ever Be”

Roger Waters is one of the most important anti-Semites alive, possibly third only to me and Mel Gibson.

That said, while Mel and myself come from a right-wing and Christian angle against these Jews, the former Pink Floyd frontman comes from a kind of leftist, Jeremy Corbyn-like angle of “global Zionism.”

I will never denounce a leftist anti-Semite simply because they are a leftist, or because they are a Moslem or whatever. The primary issue of world concern is the Jewish problem, and I am willing to put aside any disagreement in order to focus on this issue.

That said, I was very pleased to see the aged prog rock icon denouncing negro shuckers and jivers as unimportant people.

New York Post:

When it comes to unpredicted celebrity beef, Roger Waters has seemingly taken the cake

The Pink Floyd frontman recently said he’s “far, far more important” than Canadian crooners Drake and The Weeknd in a new interview.

The 78-year-old music legend offered his commentary after The Weeknd’s Toronto concert received more media coverage than his.

The Super Bowl Half Time star kicked off his After Hours Til Dawn stadium tour on July 8, which fell on the same night as one of Waters’ shows.

“I have no idea what or who The Weeknd is because I don’t listen to much music,” he told The Globe and Mail, noting it “seemed off.”

“People have told me he’s a big act. Well, good luck to him. I’ve got nothing against him.”

The bassist and singer went on to diss another Toronto icon: Drake.

“And, by the way, with all due respect to The Weeknd or Drake or any of them. I am far, far, far more important than any of them will ever be, however many billions of streams they’ve got. There is stuff going on here that is fundamentally important to all of our lives,” he said.

Several fans took to social media in response to his comments.

“I love Roger Waters, and Pink Floyd is one of my all time favorite bands, but this seems like an ‘old man yells at cloud’ moment,” one Twitter user wrote.

More like an “old man yells at degenerate negro Jew” moment, quite frankly.

I’m actually shocked that Jews aren’t saying “grizzled anti-Semite Waters names Jewish-born rapper Drake on list of black people he hates.”

It’s not possible this is a coincidence. Either it was a purposeful attack on a Jew, or Drake is just the only modern rapper he’s looked into because he heard he was Jewish.

It’s funny either way, and it makes me happy to see Waters holding down the fort not only against the Jews, but in defense of Western civilization in general.

The Jews are running with “racist against blacks” and not mentioning Drake being Jewish.

(Let’s all just take a moment to stand in awe of that tweet. It’s really amazing how Jewish the Jews really are.)

While I love people who hate the Jews, Waters is also an example of why you don’t let yourself be consumed by hate. He doesn’t just hate Jews or rap music, he hates basically everyone. I would ultimately say that Waters is the definitive face of Pink Floyd, because The Wall is the definitive Pink Floyd album. However, I’m also pretty certain that David Gilmour was not the one responsible for breaking up the band. Roger Waters is and has always been a super angry person.

Whenever I see angry people, I just think “mommy issues.” Indeed, Waters was raised by a single mother. It was no fault of her own – she was pregnant when her husband went to fight in World War II. But it’s the same outcome. No boy who is raised by a woman, or in an environment dominated by women, grows up without anger issues, and you either deal with these issues or you don’t. Roger Waters didn’t deal with his anger and he broke up the band. I don’t think anything Gilmour did alone was as good as the stuff he did with Waters, but Gilmour did continue making good music.

As far as I’m aware, Roger Waters has not made any good music since 1979. Maybe “Amused to Death” is good and I just didn’t get it. Maybe I’ll go back and give it another go at some point in the future. But it feels like after the break up of the band, Waters just let anger drive him totally.

It’s fair to say that most musicians burn out relatively early, when comparing them with writers or visual artists. That was actually true before the age of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Beethoven had to fake being deaf in order to explain why he stopped being able to produce good music after his mid-30s. Mozart died at 35.

For whatever reason, music is linked to creative bursts of youth more than the wisdom that develops for other kinds of artists.

But Brian Wilson, who was the ultimate product of “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll,” released Smile when he was 69 – it wasn’t exactly breaking new ground, but it is arguably better than every previous Beach Boys album.

I’m just saying.

But even if you can’t make good music – there is no reason to go around mad all the time.

Aside from issues of Jews, negroes, and women – there is something profound about what Waters said: nothing of any artistic value is being produced in the current year.

Maybe not nothing. But not much.

I consider my website to be first and foremost a transgressive art project*. I think it’s funny sometimes. But it’s also totally banned. The only good living novelist, Michel Houellebecq, dresses up reactionary ideas as pseudo-transgressivism.

In any normal era, art would not need to be transgressive to be good, but it apparently has to be now, and even if you’re not banned, you can’t get patronage. Aside from the extreme rigidity of our social order, there is also a competency collapse across the board, probably largely as a result of smart phones doing something terrible to people’s brains. It really is just like: everything sucks and everyone is a moron. It’s gay retard world.

So, maybe we can’t blame “The Weeknd” or “Drake” for being garbage. But we can say that the 1970s were a very different time, with very different standards.

*In the current year, there is no difference between “transgressive” and “reactionary.” I was going to say “short of doing something like eating poop,” and then I remembered that Bill Gates and the Greta cultists are promoting that, so being against eating poop is both transgressive and reactionary.