Andrew Anglin on Beardson Beardly: Russia! Swatted! Sluts!

I was on Beardson Beardly Tuesday night, instead of sending a Chinese person to speak for me – and he was swatted! Live on air!

This is why I always dispatch a Chinese agent in my place!

Seriously, he got swatted halfway through the interview. He said a dozen cops were pointing AR-15s at him.

There is a cop visible on the stream.

Anyway, I started out the interview rambling about Russia and the Ukraine war hoax. I think that’s why he got swatted. They are really rolling hard on this Russia thing.

Of course, we then talked about women, and then some other stuff. I am hearing it is a good show, although I was kinda running on fumes.

Beardson used to host a show called “The Weekly Sweat.” Maybe we should start doing a show together called “The Weekly Swat”?

I will upload this to BitChute for the sake of posterity, since I think these streams disappear after a while.

For now the replay is available here: