And Let Me Clarify Why I Hate Dave Portnoy

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And let me clarify why I hate Dave Portnoy. I hate apathetic centrist losers like Dave Portnoy who sit back and blame “both sides” when one side — our side — just wants to preserve a functional community, family life, and economy for them to live in, while the other side wants to superficially butcher children into resembling the opposite sex in grotesque and pseudoscientific Dr. Moreau-esque surgeries. While the other side burns down hundreds of city blocks and murders dozens of random bystanders coast to coast over fake and ghey race hoaxes. While the other side hoaxes an election and then hires 90,000 IRS agents to increase income and property taxes on small businesses and the middle and working classes, while simultaneously introducing a weather tax, and totally sanctioning the largest commodities market on Earth, while also flooding the border with gorillians upon gorillians of vile brown and black legal and illegal alien filth who further compete with real Americans for a finite number of jobs, transportation, housing, and other services.