Anal Pope Fraudulently Claims White People Did “Evil” to Whale-Killing Eskimo Scum

Catholic Priests often had to beat Eskimos to death because they wouldn’t open their eyes during study time.

Eskimo people are what’s evil. What they did to white people was evil. The only thing indigenous people did that was even remotely worthwhile was try to exterminate whales.

The whales had it coming. But white Canadians were just trying to teach these ice niggers not to act like a bunch of goofy twerps.

These fake Indian mass graves, and the implication that every Indian who ever died was like, beaten to death by a Catholic priest, is Greta Thunberg/Anthony Fauci tier.

Frankly, Anthony Fauci should inseminate Greta Thunberg and then their child should be the new Pope.


Pope Francis said on Sunday his trip to Canada next week will be a “pilgrimage of penance” that he hopes can help heal the wrongs done to indigenous people by Roman Catholic priests and nuns who ran abusive residential schools.

The July 24-30 trip will include at least five encounters with native people as Francis makes good on a promise to apologise on their home territory for the Church’s role in the state-sanctioned schools, which sought to erase indigenous cultures.

“Unfortunately in Canada many Christians, including some members of religious orders, contributed to the policies of cultural assimilation that in the past gravely damaged native populations in various ways,” Francis said at his weekly address to people in St. Peter’s Square.

About 150,000 children were taken from their homes. Many were subjected to abuse, rape and malnutrition in what Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2015 called “cultural genocide”.

The Pope is evil.

How do Catholics explain this?

I agree with basically all Catholic doctrine. I’ve been reading it and I will I swear start writing long essays about the Church Fathers. But the issue is – I don’t understand how there can be an evil Pope.

I want to interview E. Michael Jones. A friend who knows him said he’s down. I want to convert to Catholicism, frankly, but I do kind of feel like the Russians are right. Russian Catholicism is just Roman Catholicism without the Pope.

However… there is no tradition of Russian Catholicism in America, whereas all of our ancestors were Roman Catholics, and this heritage probably matters more than specific details. Probably, 6 of my 8 great-grandparents were baptized Roman Catholic, and at some point this thing spun off into bizarre protestant gibberish. Calvinism is the only real protestantism, and I fundamentally disagree with it. But if you’re a protestant and not a Calvinist, then you might as well believe in some kind of Seventh Day Adventist negro jive. I think that anyone who professes Jesus Christ as God and Our Lord and Savior is a Christian. I am not going to push any sect. But on an intellectual level, you have the Russians/Romans and the Calvinists, then you have “goofy zone.”

I shouldn’t just type out sloppy stuff like this when I’m trying to rush through the day so I can go to a BBQ. It’s an issue that deserves to be dealt with much more delicately.

The bottom line in all of this is that I have more sympathy for the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp than I have for the Eskimos.

My only regret is that more Eskimos were not beaten to death, and that these lazy little rats couldn’t even manage to genocide whales.