American Gorbachev Praises Russian Gorbachev After the Old Vampire Finally Croaks

Joe Brandon is the American Gorbachev, overseeing the collapse of an empire.


US President Joe Biden expressed his deepest condolences over the death of Mikhail Gorbachev to his family and friends, praising his willingness to “risk his entire career” for a “safer world and greater freedom for millions of people.”

“When he came to power, the Cold War had gone on for nearly 40 years and communism for even longer, with devastating consequences. Few high-level Soviet officials had the courage to admit that things needed to change,” Biden said in a statement shared by the White House on Tuesday night, describing Mikhail Gorbachev as a “man of remarkable vision.”

Gorbachev “believed in glasnost and perestroika… not as mere slogans, but as the path forward for the people of the Soviet Union,” the president continued, going on to claim the Soviet leader “embraced democratic reforms” which ended “decades of brutal political repression.”

“These were the acts of a rare leader – one with the imagination to see that a different future was possible and the courage to risk his entire career to achieve it.”

Biden also recalled Gorbachev’s visit to the White House in 2009, where they “spoke for a long time about our countries’ ongoing work to reduce US and Russian nuclear stockpiles.”

The fall of the USSR was the worst disaster in human history, and it was basically entirely on the shoulders of the bloodsucker Gorbachev. Western academics have invented all of these goofy narratives about Afghanistan and Chernobyl, but Perestroika killed the USSR and it was on purpose.

This is something I could write a 6,000-word essay or a 200,000-word book on, but I won’t. I know that when you tell right-wingers “the collapse of the USSR was the worst disaster in human history,” they prickle, so I guess I’m supposed to say something after saying that, but I’ll just ask this question: were things in America better or worse when the USSR stood?

Now you can think about that, and think about a neoliberal single world order.

It is funny that the people talking about the New World Order in the 1980s were against the USSR existing, and couldn’t figure out the consequences of a unipolar world. We now know the consequences of a unipolar order – not very good.

Since the fall of the USSR, we’ve been waiting for Russia to come back, and the universe to find a balance again.

Is a unipolar order run by Chinese merchants going to work out better? Well, nothing could be this bad, so yes, I think it’s safe to assume with very high confidence that the new emerging world order will be better than this hell. But we don’t even know if that is going to happen.

Something else might happen.