AMERICA FIRST PAC Event with Nick Fuentes and Michelle Malkin was Beautiful

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

Friday night saw the first ever meeting of the America First Political Action Committee (AFPAC), featuring the prime figures of the America First right-wing.

Speakers at the Washington, D.C. event included Patrick Casey, Scott Greer, Michelle Malkin and Mr. America himself, Nicholas J. Fuentes.

Here is Michelle:

And here is Nick:

The entire event is available as a replay on Nick’s Dlive channel if you want to watch the other speeches (or if these YouTube uploads get deleted).

Michelle was the headliner, and her speech was the headline.

She addressed the idiocy of the “anti-Semitism” hoax.

And the real bomb-dropper was that she said she is a “white majoritarian” and doesn’t care that the Jews call her that.

That’s the third rail, folks. She touched it.

Saying you should be allowed to criticize Jews is not the third rail, because even leftists do that. The third rail is saying “America is a white country, for white people.”

Philippines is truly our greatest ally.

Well, after Australia, of course.

For those who don’t remember, 15 years ago Michelle Malkin was on Fox News every day. She is past her prime in terms of television commentary – apparently, she just got too hardcore – but she still sells a whole lot of books. She is the mainstream and she is standing with our guys.

Some hilarious happenings took place after the event, as the bars of the D.C. area were flooded with Groypers, who were confronted by cuckolded kikesuckers from CPAC. One stupid bitch was arrested, and many were laughed at.

Conservative porn star Mindy Robinson, a Charlie Kirk advocate, got in a violent altercation with an e-girl.

Here are the participants:

Conservative porn star Charlie Kirk employee Mindy Robinson.
Some Anime e-girl Nick Fuentes groupie.

Here is the initial scene.

This is unconfirmed, but the running theory is that Mindy’s aggression stemmed from having met Ethan Ralph earlier in the night.

She theoretically became overcome with lust, and when he told her “sorry Mindy, I’m a married man,” she flew off her rocker.

Whatever her reasons may have been, she was then arrested for this behavior.

I don’t know why Charlie Kirk was hiring porn stars in the first place, but when the porn stars you hire get arrested for getting in drunken brawls, it looks double-bad.

After she was arrested, Baked Alaska started rapping about how he loves the cops.

And it was kind of hilarious.

A couple of big fat white knight boomers started simping for porno Mindy, despite the fact that they simply must know she is never going to suck their dicks.

I don’t even know who these fat slobs are – Carpe Donktum and John Cardillo – but man, this was hilarious. When they started chanting simp at these piggies, I lost it.

Here’s a boomer recapping the fight.

The funniest part of that clip is when he says “Mike Cernovich was here” and one of the Groyper kids says “WHO?”

Sadly, Mindy apparently didn’t go to jail, as she was quickly back on Twitter, typing nonsense.

Or I dunno, maybe she was in jail and white knight cops were letting her tweet.

But I suspect they just filed a police report and let her go. Because you can get in violent drunken brawls and not go to jail if you have female privilege.

The e-girl who was attacked by the conservative porn star took issue with her telling of the tale and posted a picture of her lost hair.

At least she didn’t break one of those nails. Yikes.

These sluts are both still on Twitter at the time of writing (5:13 AM) and doing drama with each other.

You see, to women, drama is like sex is to men. They just love the rush, and they crave it.

If you’re totally uninvolved, because you’ve pledged to refuse to be manipulated by women, it can be very fun to see.

It was truly a historic night.

The one single thing that would have made it better is if Ethan Ralph would have showed up at the bar and punched a cop.