The Pentagon is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda

On Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a report about UFOs. Journalist Bill Whitaker interviewed several people from the military to discuss the allegation put forward by the Pentagon that there are ultra-advanced aircraft flying around the earth for unknown reasons.

You should of course watch it and draw your own conclusions about what is going on there, but there’s something about this that immediately pops out at me: all the footage is from the government and all of the people claiming to have seen the crafts are from the government.

I think it is now beyond any doubt that the government is pushing a fake alien agenda which is likely to start heating up quickly.

Fake Aliens are Not a New Idea

After 60 Minutes aired this program, the entire media began talking about the topic of UFOs. Someone yesterday told me: “Project Blue Beam is real.” I don’t think it is real, but it is certainly relevant to this discussion.

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory from the 1990s that the US government would use holograms to project flying saucers into the air and then fake an alien contact event and the return of Jesus Christ.

I heard this and many other conspiracy theories as a kid listening to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. After the dawn of the internet, when I began investigating a lot of things, I investigated the “Blue Beam” story. The whole thing is just from one guy, a French Canadian named Serge Monast, who claimed to have seen secret government documents he couldn’t ever produce. (Note that Project Blue Beam is different from Project Blue Book; the latter is the Pentagon’s real life supposed “investigation” of UFOs, and is mentioned briefly in the 60 Minutes segment.)

The most compelling aspect of the theory is that Monast died of a surprise heart attack in 1996 at the age of 41, not long after he’d written a book about the alleged project. But a surprise heart attack is not evidence of a murder and he certainly did not look very healthy in any of the images I’ve seen of him.

Unfortunately, in this case, I have to say that the RationalWiki entry on Project Blue Beam is pretty spot-on. I dislike that site for the same reasons everyone dislikes smug fedora-reddit atheists, but you know the thing about broken clocks.

The conclusion I have come to is this: Monast put together a story that seems plausible (which he maybe even genuinely thought was going to happen), then falsely claimed to have documents showing that the government was planning it.

This happens probably more than you would guess: journalists and people who claim to be journalists regularly come up with things that seem plausible or likely, then claim that they have an “insider source.” It is not at all limited to the conspiracy community. There are several prominent right-wing Twitter accounts that use the “sources say” bit, and x% of the “leaks” and “anonymous officials” in the New York Times are just things the Times made up outright.

Though I never would have actually done it, I often regret that when I was trying to explain the virus hoax I didn’t claim to have an “insider source” at the World Economic Forum or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I think more people would have taken my warnings more seriously, and I don’t think anyone who was already taking it seriously would have taken it less seriously. But I’m a slave to journalistic ethics.

The bottom line is: whenever you start talking about a fake alien agenda, a lot of people on either side will revert to Project Blue Beam. Rightists will say “Project Blue Beam is real” while leftists will say “Project Blue Beam is fake and therefore there are no fake aliens.” Fake conspiracy theories muddy the waters on many issues. It would be better if rightists didn’t associate fake aliens with Project Blue Beam, then leftists wouldn’t have a way to point to an easy out.

But it is what it is: there is zero documentation for Project Blue Beam, and yet we are clearly facing some kind of fake alien agenda.

However, it does make sense, which is why so many people believed it without evidence. It would indeed be very beneficial to the people in power to come out and say, “aliens have come to earth and they’ve told us to create a world government. The aliens are also Jesus.”

This is so obviously desirable to the elite that Ronald Reagan actually said it in a speech to the United Nations on September 21, 1987.

On uniting the world under a single world order, Reagan said: “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

This is something that they were thinking about back then. They were making all kinds of films about it for decades. The concept of an alien threat uniting the world was featured in the film Independence Day – they fight back against the aliens on July 4th, so that becomes the Independence Day of the whole world (independence from alien invasion).

In October of 1987, the final issue of Alan Moore’s Watchmen was released, and featured a fake alien invasion being used by cynical control freaks as a justification for a global government. A gigantic fake squid alien is dumped on New York City, killing a bunch of people.

The way comics are made, there is no way he could have changed the story to fit in with what Reagan said (it is also clear just looking at the structure of the story that he wouldn’t change the ending like that). Stranger still, when this comic was made into a film in 2009, they changed the ending to remove the alien.

The first example of a fake alien contact event being used to form a global government that I’m aware of, and something which probably influenced Monast when he was putting together his theory, was “Invasion From Outer Space,” the lead story in Tales Of Suspense #2, published in 1959. This actually featured holograms.

The story was uncredited, but is assumed to have been both written and drawn by Jacob Kurtzberg AKA Jack Kirby (I will always defend Kirby as an artist, but he was definitely Jewish).

A “fake aliens to create a world government” plot appeared in the 1963 Outer Limits episode The Architects of Fear, written by the Jew Meyer Dolinsky.

I imagine that if there is an event, it will be a peaceful contact, rather than a violent invasion. I would picture fake aliens who are identical to humans coming to warn us about racism and global warming. But they could also have the aliens start issuing threats of some kind.

Even if they do not go all the way to a fake contact event, they are going to begin flooding the media with Alien Agenda gobbledygook in order to intensify the confusion already running rampant through our society.

There is really no other explanation for what we saw on 60 Minutes on Sunday.

The biggest difference between what Monast wrote about and what is happening is that there are no holograms projected into the sky. Instead, the Pentagon is disseminating digitally manipulated video footage of UFOs. If there ever is a “contact” event, they will figure out a way to stage it with CGI and some props. They will do the same thing they do with Hollywood movies. Monast’s insistence on Holograms made the whole thing sound ridiculous.

Meanwhile, French computer scientist Jacques Vallée has put forward a much clearer concept about the government faking aliens that few people even know about.

He claimed all through the 1990s that the government was manipulating people into believing in aliens for the purpose of social manipulation. He comes across as a bit of a kook himself now, but you have to consider what it was like before the internet in terms of information. He came at the topic simply wanting to research it, and came to the conclusion that the government was promoting fake aliens in the 1980s as part of a larger scheme.

It is really a shame that the Blue Beam thing was promoted so heavily, as it disguises the obvious fact that the establishment has been using everything in their power to promote aliens nonsense for decades on end, clearly as part of a weird agenda. If discussion of this agenda had not been relegated to the conspiracy theory realm, people would immediately know what was happening when the media starts doing nonstop UFO coverage.

The Military is the One Releasing the Footage, The “Whistleblowers” are All from the Military

I’m not really willing to entertain the idea of actual aliens, on principle. It’s not a religious principle, but just science. There is no way to travel faster than the speed of light. I know we’ve spent our lives seeing “warp drive” in science fiction, but that is not real. Wormholes and so on are just abject nonsense. This means that it would take a ridiculously long time for aliens to reach earth. They would have to freeze themselves, or send robots, and there is just no coherent explanation as to why they would come here and then just fly around in ships harassing the US military.

It just doesn’t make logical sense. The logical, sensible thing is that if we are seeing UFOs here, they are from here.

However, we don’t have to go into any of that, for a very simple reason: these videos are all being released directly by the US military. As far as I’m aware, every single one of these videos that has popped up in the last few years – including every video featured on the latest 60 Minutes episode – is from the military.

Furthermore, everyone interviewed by the show, save Marco Rubio, is from the military. (And Rubio was the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.)

Whitaker first interviews two military men who were allegedly assigned to look at videos and radar scans of UFOs. Neither claims to have seen one in real life.

Luis Elizondo claims that he worked for military intelligence for 20 years, working in the Middle East and Guantanamo Bay, and then in 2008 he was pulled in to be the leader of a secret Pentagon UFO program called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

This guy has been around for a few years, regularly featured on the History Channel’s UFO circuit. He describes AATIP exactly like the eponymous X-Files in the X-Files TV show. He even says they shut it down (like the X-Files were always being shut down in the show). He claims to have looked at a bunch of videos of UFOs. In 2019, The Intercept claimed that there was no evidence that he ever worked for a Pentagon UFO operation, though I can believe he did (or I could believe he didn’t).

The next fellow interviewed, former Navy pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves, claims that he saw UFOs on radar and infrared every single day for years.

What exactly is to keep intelligence from simply feeding these men fake videos and radar scans of crafts? Every single video is blurry. If people are seeing these crafts, why do we not have a single clear image of them? High definition cameras have existed for a long time.

Those two men don’t have to be lying: they could really have been fed these videos and other electronic documentation. If the government is planning an Alien Agenda, I see no reason that they wouldn’t try to get as many people as they can that are working in the military to actually believe in these crafts. What does it cost them to create a department designed to look at photoshopped videos of blurry future ships that “defy the laws of physics”?

Whitaker then interviews two Navy pilots, David Fravor and Alex Dietrich, who claim to have flown right up close to one of these crafts in 2004.

They say they were right up near an actual ship, shaped like a Tic Tac, hovering over the water and creating whitewater. It moved in weird directions and splashed around before disappearing before their very eyes.

Certainly, an eyewitness account is more compelling than a bunch of blurry videos that could just as easily be faked. But these two people could simply be intelligence agents trained to act.

Which is more likely: real UFOs or two trained actors?

Is not Occam’s Razor, very straightforwardly, that this is a hoax?

Following the narrative of the X-Files TV show, Whitaker then goes to the government insider who has been working to help the soldiers get their story told about this Alien Agenda: Christopher Mellon of the Mellon banking family.

He serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Staff Director of the Senate Intelligence Committee. So he’s a high-ranking bureaucrat from an elite family who is concerned about these aliens.

Mellon was the one who in 2017 “leaked” videos of these supposed spaceships to the New York Times, which led to a period of the media pumping it up.

The NYT seeded the “government admits it” idea for later use (this is the same thing they did with the “SARS pandemic” in the early 2000s – they acclimate people to ideas that will be used in future hoaxes, and they always overlap with stories from entertainment media).

Maybe Mellon believes it. There is no reason he has to know this is a hoax. The only people who have to know it is a hoax are the people claiming to have seen one of these craft with their own eyes. The rest of these people have just seen digital video, which is precisely worthless in terms of proving the actions of living people, never mind the actions of a blurry shape.

Finally, Whitaker talks to Senator Marco Rubio, who is playing the character of Senator Richard Matheson from the X-Files.

Rubio said the same thing he always says on the topic, saying that we have to find out what these ships are for the sake of national security. He has been the key figure in this agenda following the departure of Harry Reid, who had previously been pushing it.

Rubio is the epitome of an “empty suit.” He’s probably gay and the only thing he actually cares about is overthrowing communism in Cuba so his family can go back and rule the country. He will say literally anything, so he’s the perfect figurehead of this weird agenda. I doubt he knows it’s a hoax. I think he’s just the kind of person who doesn’t ask a lot of questions, which is why he was the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the first place.

Rubio said he’s pushed for an unclassified report that is coming next month. I expect this report will be heavily covered in the media, and will be the start of mass coverage of UFOs. It won’t be coronavirus or Black Lives levels of coverage, but it will be a major, ongoing news item.

Probably, when the report is released, the Pentagon will agree to start publishing footage of the alleged craft, which will serve as constant fodder for the media. Again, even if they do not decide to do a fake alien contact event, dumping a bunch of Alien Agenda nonsense into a society already in the midst of a collective paranoid-schizoid breakdown is something that’s worth the media’s time.

The entire 60 Minutes segment was ridiculous. Whitaker was attempting to act incredulous, while at the same time agreeing that the Pentagon “admitted it” and not giving any counterargument other than “maybe it’s a weather balloon.” The obvious counterargument is that this is a government hoax. That is very straightforward. Even if you believed in aliens, you would admit that the obvious counterargument is government hoax. That is the debate: “is it aliens or is it a government hoax.” In nowhere in this equation is a discussion of weather balloons. But 60 Minutes did not bother to present the obvious counterargument. This was blatant shilling for the Alien Agenda hoax.

Whitaker did not interview the Smoking Man. That is probably a New York Times exclusive.

Where are the Cellphone Videos?

Here’s a major problem: no one is filming these craft with their cellphones. If these ships are flying around everywhere, and the military is recording video of it every day, how is it possible that videos of it are not showing up constantly on Twitter? The ships in these blurry government videos, for reasons unexplained, have lights on them. Everyone has a phone, everyone films everything they see, and since the dawn of the cellphone, we’ve not seen huge numbers of these videos. In fact, we haven’t seen any.

The video that featured the best defined images is one of a craft moving outside of a jet in daylight. It looks vaguely like the shuttlepod from Star Trek: Enterprise (the show took place before transporter technology had been perfected, so they were always bopping around in shuttlepods).

Again, these people claim this happens regularly. How is it that they’re the only ones who have noticed it?

In the 1990s, there was a huge wave of UFO theories, with thousands of people calling in to Art Bell and other talk radio shows to tell stories about seeing UFOs. Many people built careers on telling these stories as well. Some people would tell stories about actually seeing aliens, or being abducted by them. They would usually relate it back to films, in particular Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

This was a big part of the culture when I was a kid. The very first episode of South Park, which aired in August of 1997, was called “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe,” a reference to claims from people who had alleged that they were abducted by aliens and given an anal probe.

It seems likely that people saw this stuff in entertainment, and were able to convince themselves it was real.

However, by the mid-2010s, that whole thing seemed to have been debunked by cellphone cameras. No one could claim they saw a UFO anymore, because if they did, people would ask them why they didn’t film it. If they claimed to have been abducted, there also would have been some cellphone record. So people just stopped making these claims.

Look at the X-Files. In the original show in the 1990s, the main plot was based on the talk radio shows and books about aliens. However, when the show was relaunched in 2016, they made it about Alex Jones type secret government “New World Order” material, because the aliens thing just wasn’t interesting anymore.

Every time I’ve talked about this aliens hoax, a portion of readers respond with the theory that the government has secret high technology, maybe stolen from Nikola Tesla or something. However, that becomes really confusing in terms of how it would be developed without the cooperation of universities and the private sector with no leaks. Yes, I am aware of the Manhattan Project, but that was only three years long and it was before the internet. It was also during a time when society was cohesive, and people believed in the government. Just look at all that WikiLeaks has leaked, and the closest thing you come to secret technology is secret spying and hacking software. Logically, you also run into the problem of why war with China and Russia is such a big deal if the government has secret space age technology. Furthermore, if they had these kinds of ships, they could probably at that point just be using microwaves to control our thoughts, and so we wouldn’t even be here thinking about it.

Of course, as is always the case with conspiracy theories, you can create more conspiracy theories to explain the flaws in the original theory, ad infinitum. But to me, the idea of secret government anti-gravity crafts becomes too convoluted. It requires too much effort to explain. What does not require effort is faking some videos of crafts and then sending out a few intelligence officers to claim on TV that they saw crafts.

The cellphone camera problem persists through the theory of secret government technology. Much bigger than that is the fact that other militaries are not claiming to be seeing these crafts. Surely, if they were secret US government crafts, they would at least be using them to test China and Russia? And if they’re picked up on US radar, they would be picked up on other countries’ radar systems.

This idea that the military is seeing these things nonstop and yet no one else does is not rational. Faked videos and actors on TV makes 100% sense as an assumption, covers all bases, and does not require any kind of massive, confusing, convoluted conspiracy theory.

Poor Tucker

Tucker Carlson is always behind the curve on this stuff. (Well, he’s behind the Stormer curve. He’s obviously ahead of the general society curve.)

I used to wonder about him, but after the things he said about the ADL, I don’t wonder anymore. He’s a good Christian man with a good Christian heart, doing his best. He’s just from a different generation, a generation before the internet, when information was processed differently. Things have gotten a lot worse since his head writer Blake Neff was fired for saying whatever mean words on the internet.

Remember: Tucker initially shilled the coronavirus hoax, and is alleged to be the one who told Donald Trump to start “taking it seriously.” Of course, he’s completely reversed on that, saying it’s a hoax and actually going so far as to say the vaccine is killing people in huge numbers.

He has finally stopped shilling the kook State Department line about China. Although it seemed like shilling at the time, looking back it’s clear he genuinely believed that Joe Biden was somehow linked to Chinese communism, and it just took him a minute to figure out that Biden was going to go much harder on China than Trump ever did.

On Monday, he began talking about America losing its position of power in the world and what that would mean, and I thought for sure he was getting ready to revert to hysterical anti-Chinese talking points. But no. Instead, he shilled 60 Minutes’ Alien Agenda gibberish.

(You can watch it in the first segment of this full video of Sunday’s show on the always helpful

I have faith now that Tucker will catch up. He is not some arrogant scumbag who won’t admit he’s wrong. He will change positions. But he hasn’t figured this out yet. Part of it is probably that he looks at the moron Sean Hannity and the rest of the “conservative” retards in his circles and sees they’re not talking about it and assumes it must be important.

Tucker may also be vaguely aware that people in the elite Davos circles appear to believe in aliens, and he’s just not connecting the dots. I’ve said for years and years that it is likely that part of how they get non-Jews to work for this globalist agenda so diligently is by telling them aliens are behind everything.

Remember that in 2016, Jean-Claude Juncker, then the head of the EU, claimed to be in contact with aliens. Also remember that the media didn’t report on it hardly at all, and the EU published fake minutes of the session he was speaking in, removing the thing he said about speaking with “leaders of other planets.”

I think a lot of high level bureaucrats probably believe this hoax. It makes logical sense that after beating religion out of people, they would be ready to believe something so idiotic.

It’s also possible that Tucker is influenced by Alex Jones, who promotes the above mentioned conspiracy theories about secret government anti-gravity planes, and that he’s trying to lead into that by “just asking questions.”

Whatever the case, he needs to figure it out quickly.

Saagar Enjeti from The Hill is following Tucker’s lead. Yesterday he brought on Jeremy Corbell, who is either stupid or a liar.

The rest of the media is pretending to be credulous, following 60 Minutes’ lead.

No one is saying the obvious.

One thing is for certain: Joe Rogan isn’t going to say it. If he gets drunk and high and accidentally says it, he’ll apologize to the aliens. Calling for the Pentagon to release the files is like calling for the government to do more to fight the coronavirus. It’s buying into this game they are playing. They are playing coy with this “secret government files on the truth about UFOs” gibberish. They want people to ask for it so they can dump a bunch of disinformation.

Tucker will probably catch up when he ends up in a situation where he’s using the same talking points as CNN. That’s what happened with the China thing.

Apex Hoax: The Apotheosis of Fake News

Let me be clear again: I don’t know if they’re going to roll out this hoax in full. I am not a prophet and I do not have the ability to predict the future. Even when I said “the lockdown will never end,” I said that this would be the case if no one resisted. The future is always unwritten, and you should always be wary of people who are too sure of themselves.

What I am trying to do here is lay out, in full, my reasoning as to why I believe that a fake aliens agenda is brewing. You should be able to think it through yourself and come to your own conclusions.

The rulers might not even know themselves yet where they will end up going with this aliens stuff. They might be waiting to see the popular response to a media barrage of Pentagon psych-war UFO gibberish. But this is true: the more we hear about it, the more likely it becomes that they’re going to run with it.

Individual people will no doubt claim that people in general wouldn’t go along with this aliens hoax. To those individual people I say: look around you.

People in general have gone along with a virus hoax for nearly a year and a half, going step by step through a process of surrendering their freedom and ultimately their bodily autonomy to the government. They’re wearing masks and getting injected with some bizarre gene therapy treatment despite the fact that there is no evidence of a “pandemic.” In fact, an official publication from Johns Hopkins, the nation’s top medical authority, confirmed that at the supposed height of the “pandemic,” there were no new deaths from this virus, and the supposed “death toll” was just deaths from other causes being reclassified as “coronavirus” deaths.

We don’t know the exact number of people who are going along with this pandemic hoax. They’ve made it a kind of crime to question it, and they of course censor anyone who does. This is called a “chilling effect,” and even if you could believe the polls (and I do not), many people under a chilling effect are not going to be honest to pollsters for fear of getting in trouble. But we’ve all seen, out on the streets of American cities and in our own families, severe numbers of people who actually believe it.

At least as many people will go along with this aliens hoax.

What’s more, I think we would have to be kidding ourselves to imagine that most evangelical churches won’t agree that the leader of the aliens is Secret Space Jesus. Evangelical Judeo-Christians have been nursing science fiction nonsense with their end times prophecy racket for decades. Surely they will endorse aliens as their savior. These people, who turned Christianity into an apocalyptic doom cult, are going out and getting the vaccine, which is literally a “mark” that you’re not going to be able to buy or sell unless you have.

Certainly, if they do implement this Alien Agenda they will obviously censor anyone who questions it. It will be even more extreme than the virus censorship. Whatever is going on with Tucker’s thought process, I hope he thinks this through sooner rather than later, because he’s not likely to be on TV when this hoax comes to fruition.

This will obviously be a bigger hoax than any hoax before it, but we’ve seen a progression in recent years of hoaxes made from nothing: first it was Trump being a Russian agent, then the coronavirus, then a racist conspiracy by cops to commit a genocide against blacks. You can throw “female souls are accidentally being born in the bodies of male children” in there too somewhere, alongside the overwhelming supernatural importance of gay marriage in Taiwan and Antifa riots in Hong Kong.

All of these are versions of what Adolf Hitler called “the Big Lie.” He said that the Jews would tell lies so big that no one could dare question it, because it seemed beyond belief that someone would make it up. The Jews have continued to use that same technique on America and the West after achieving their desired outcome in World War II. Telling people that space aliens have landed on earth to lecture them about racism and carbon taxes is the final form of the Big Lie.

What is happening is that these hoaxes are stacking. As people buy into one lie, they are more willing to buy into another even bigger lie. Furthermore, even people who don’t buy the lie get dragged into it. The “conservative” narrative on Russia was that Russia did hack the election to help Trump, but that has nothing to do with Trump. On the virus, they say it’s a new virus and it’s deadly, but it’s really not that deadly.

An aliens hoax would remove the fence-riders. You can say: “the Russians are an adversary, but,” “the virus is dangerous, but,” and so on. You cannot say “I believe in the aliens and their agenda, but…”

Things are weird and they’re getting weirder, folks.

As far as anyone can tell, we are headed directly towards the Apex Hoax and the Apotheosis of Fake News, which is the Alien Agenda.

Just stay sane. Do your best to roll with the punches and have some fun.