Alcohol Consumption Down Drastically in Russia

I called Putin and told him – I said “buddy, if your folks aren’t going to drink that vodka, send it my way: I need it.”

Then I told him I was going to put a price cap on how much I paid for the vodka and he said he would just sell it to the Chinese instead.

I was like, “bro, Chinese only drink beer and some sick liquor from rice.” He paused and was like “okay, I’m going to look into that – let me call you back.”

That was three days ago. I keep texting him on WhatsApp, and I can see that he’s seeing the messages – but he’s not replying.


Alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased by nearly 43% since 2008, Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko announced on Saturday, as the country celebrated National Sobriety Day.

An average Russian drank 15.7 liters of booze annually 13 years ago but, last year, this marker stood at only nine liters, Murashko said.

This means that “alcohol consumption has dropped by almost 43% between 2008 and 2021,” he explained.

The number of alcohol-related diseases and deaths has also gone down in Russia during the 13-year period, the minister added.

He noted that drinking was the reason for various health complications, saying that “every second death from cardiomyopathy and myocarditis is associated with harmful alcohol consumption.”

Liquor causes “pronounced changes to the human system that lead to dystrophic and sclerotic changes in muscles and internal organs, especially the liver and brain,” Murashko said.

According to data from early 2022, the global average annual consumption of alcohol stood at 6.18 liters per person.

I think people still believe Russia is a drunk and poor country.

In actual reality, the situation in Russia is much better than the situation in America, by more or less every measure – especially socially. But economically, it’s not that bad either. It’s better than America, in terms of quality of life. Yes, there are poor people, but there are no people living on the streets like in America.