AI-Generated Art Wins First Place at Colorado State Fair

It’s no red dot on a white canvass, but it’s nice I guess

People are all like “this is why the future doesn’t need us! They’re going to kill us all so the computers can do the paintings!”

I still think it’s cool.

Ars Technica:

A synthetic media artist named Jason Allen entered AI-generated artwork into the Colorado State Fair fine arts competition and announced last week that he won first place in the Digital Arts/Digitally Manipulated Photography category, Vice reported Wednesday based on a viral tweet.

Allen used Midjourney—a commercial image synthesis model available through a Discord server—to create a series of three images. He then upscaled them, printed them on canvas, and submitted them to the competition in early August. To his delight, one of the images (titled Théåtre D’opéra Spatial) captured the top prize, and he posted about his victory on the Midjourney Discord server on Friday.

Allen’s victory prompted lively discussions on Twitter, Reddit, and the Midjourney Discord server about the nature of art and what it means to be an artist. Some commenters think human artistry is doomed thanks to AI and that all artists are destined to be replaced by machines. Others think art will evolve and adapt with new technologies that come along, citing synthesizers in music. It’s a hot debate that Wired covered in July.

There’s also the fairness element since it isn’t clear if Allen told the judges about his use of image synthesis, though some Twitter users have reportedly contacted the judges and discovered that they didn’t know. Curiously, the art was considered good enough to fool human artists, and someone on Twitter joked that it settled the debate over “whether AI art is art.”

At least computers make good art – unlike the Jews and their sickening “friends” (co-conspirators).

AI will save us from this

Just like AI is racist, it seems to have a good understanding of the importance of beauty.

Robot overlords would be much better than our current hook-nosed overlords.

I guess they shouldn’t be allowed to compete in human art competitions though.