Actress Drew Barrymore Accused of Being a Neo-Nazi After Posting Video of Herself Walking in the Rain

Based black guy doesn’t shy away from the most controversial issues of our time

How dare this Nazi Jew bitch go walking in the rain after what happened to George Floyd?

The Mirror:

Drew Barrymore has been accused of racism over a social media post of herself dancing in the rain during a storm.

A TikToker hit out at the actress, 47, in a now viral video claiming Drew had copied a trend called “black men frolicking”.

They said she was “disrespecting and dismissing the boundaries” of the black creator TikTok community.

Bitch, you can’t frolic.

Frolic is our word.

The user @amushroomblackly took to the platform to call Drew out, saying: “You and I both know you are capable of enjoying the rain, frolicking freely, without filming it and posting it to TikTok.

They claimed Drew “co-signed people who just go out of their way to disrespect and dismiss the boundaries that black creators have set.

“And now you’re one of those people”, she added in the video posted to Libs of TikTok’s Twitter account.

The TikTok user was offended by Drew’s video which saw the Hollywood star heading outside in a downpour, telling her followers: “Whenever you can, go out into the rain. Do not miss the opportunity”.

They accused the actress of copying a viral trend, believed to be started by TikTok handle @thexsadxoptimistic.

The user posted a video back in May of himself running through a field and saying: ” ‘oh my god, I’m running through a field frolicking!”.

The video sky-rocketed on the social media platform with many users recreating the clip with the hashtag #blackmenfrolicking being used more than 600,000 times.

After the TikTok user called Drew out, hundreds of fans took to the social media to defend the actress.

One wrote: “I have watched this video 6 times could someone please explain to me why it’s racist.”

Another added: “I still don’t understand why that woman is mad at Drew Barrymore ? Never been so confused in my life . Is enjoying rain racist?”

While Politician Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman Tweeted: “I’m so utterly confused. Somebody, please explain to the connection between frolicking in the rain and black people?”.

Drew previously spoke about how her rain video went viral with fans recreating the clip.

She told People : “I’m such a hippie that when I see the rain, I just think I want to go out in it and have a little baptism from Mother Nature and be free and not worried for a second.

What has Mother Nature ever done for black folks?

Did Mother Nature stop Derek Chauvin from murdering George Floyd?

It’s time for Drew to pay up – big time.

In fact, this bitch should be in prison.

Frolicking ass white bitch stealing our culture.