Across the Entire Country, Cops Continue to Refuse to Stop Riots

People have been daring to call me a “conspiracy theorist” for saying that these riots are an artificial event.

But there is no theory. I have no theories. I am simply pointing out what the entire mainstream media is pointing out: the cops are fleeing the scene as soon as these blacks get going.

Every time you turn on CNN they themselves are pointing out that there aren’t any cops.

In the daytime, the cops go out and instigate the blacks, then when night falls, they disappear.

Look at this compilation video of police violence against protesters – it’s almost all in the day time. The ones that are at night are just cops attacking random people, not protecting things from looters or fire starters.

What’s more, the president and the attorney general are now admitting that the riots are being directed by antifa. Maybe they’re conspiracy theorists too, but it seems to me they would have more information than you have.

What we are seeing at these riots is a cooperative effort between the cops and antifa to use the blacks to create the biggest possible disaster.

All the way back to the Thursday looting of Target, which is what got this all started, I have not seen one single cop trying to prevent looting.

Then that night, the cops famously fled the police precinct and then fled the entire city.

This is all across the country now: someone is ordering all of the cops to stand down.

They set a historic building on fire last night in North Carolina, and there were no cops or firefighters.

In Washington, they let them loot a mall.

San Francisco:




Des Moines:


Friggin Wilmington, Delaware:

Even New York:

There’s an extremely weird pattern of police dropping off police cars in the middle of the chaos and letting antifa burn them and steal weapons from them. This same thing is being reported in many different cities.

Twitter is a nightmare to search since it was “updated” a few months ago, so these are just from last night.

So I don’t have any theories. I’m just observing a conspiracy.

It is a conspiracy because they’re all doing it. There is no reason they would all be making the same choice to refuse to stop these riots unless it was centrally planned.

Since 2012, when Barack Obama instigated riots by saying “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin,” we’ve been dealing with regular black uprisings. None of them have turned into this thing we have now, because the cops prevented it.

What happened in this case is that the cops allowed the looting in Minneapolis, and blacks all across the country saw that looting was being allowed, so they all went out to loot and burn things. Minneapolis served as an advertisement and an invitation to engage in maximum carnage.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an excellent article up tracing the series of events that led to where we are now back to the Jewish Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, deciding to pull the cops out of the third precinct and allow the blacks to burn it down.

I have no idea what the next step here is, but it is clear that what the government wanted to do was create mass chaos and they succeeded.

You will also note that these riots resulted in a “state of emergency” with a curfew, meaning people were not allowed on the streets. How strange it is that just like the coronavirus, these riots result in normal people having their freedoms taken away from them.

I think we can expect these scenes of black rioting to continue on through the summer. There is no reason to expect the blacks will stop and there is no reason to expect that the government will decide they want the blacks to stop.