Abortion Wars: Tucker Realizes This is a Satanic Agenda at Work

Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue on Monday was one of the best ever – and one of the saddest.

He went through and talked about how the Abortion Rioters are hunting down the Supreme Court Justices opposed to their baby-killer agenda.

Then he went into the much darker topic of these people literally attacking churches – something that they did all over the country on Sunday, invading Catholic Mass and firebombing a Protestant counseling center for pregnant mothers in Wisconsin.

Tucker then interviewed the head of the counseling center.

Of course, he couldn’t cover all of the attacks on churches in a 13 minute segment.

The Abortion Warriors even firebombed a second pro-life group, this time in Oregon.

The violence has gotten so extreme and distasteful to the average person that even Jen Psaki – who had previously endorsed pro-abortion violence – had to come out and say violence is actually bad.

This is a clear and open satanic agenda now – they are attacking us as Christians because we are Christians. This is about homosexuality, but it’s also about their child homosexuality agenda, their vax agenda, their agenda to make pagan idols out of black people, their agenda to drive us into a war to force gay sex onto Christian Russians.

Tucker was not raised especially religious. The same can probably be said for most of us. And yet, here we are, under attack as Christians, and forced to become more Christian because of these attacks.

That is absolutely the upside to being attacked like this. These people in charge believe now that Christians are so weak – so debased by pornography and the rest of the pervert culture – that they can simply wipe us out.

What it must do is cause people to reflect, and to understand that they must strengthen their faith if they want to be able to stand against this agenda.

Right now, we don’t have any choice. Right now, they are already coming for us.

We can either find God or we will be wiped out.