8chan Owner Jim Watkins Issues Statement About VICE News Breaking Into His Home

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

8chan owner Jim Watkins has finally released a statement on the problematic issue of VICE News reporter Elle Reeve and her Jew producer Lani Levine breaking into his home in the Philippines.

Jim explains that it is only recently that society began preventing the phenomenon of home invasion. I will need to get a source on that, which he does not provide – because I’m pretty sure that home invasion was never socially acceptable.

Jim claims that he is like a Jew whose house was invaded by Nazi brownshirts – weird flex, but okay.

He gives some actual details on how the situation actually unfolded. Apparently, he had continually refused interviews with Elle Reeve. His address in the Philippines is public, so they knew where to find him. And because he refused to do an interview, they just broke into his house – while he was there. He was shocked to find the crew INSIDE HIS HOUSE. They surprised him by KNOCKING ON HIS BEDROOM DOOR.

He explains that he was planning to bash their skulls in with a baseball bat, but didn’t do so because his kids were there. “Wow, just wow,” he says, and again explains he is like a Jew.

Jim goes on to say that there is a horde of news outlets trying to interview him, but none of them are from actual news outlets, but instead from weird random internet outlets. He says that he would rather do an interview with Joe Rogan – something that is true for all of us.

He explains that VICE is not a real news outlet because they have their reporters drink wine made from human poop. I think that’s a reasonable assessment. I’ve never seen Joe Rogan drink poop.

What Jim regrettably did not give us is an update on what exactly happened to Elle Reeve and her Jew after breaking into his home.

VICE has yet to issue a statement on this.

The entire media have completely refused to report on it, even though there are pictures of Reeve and her Jew breaking into the home with a cameraman.

Both of their Twitter accounts remain closed.

So what is going on?

He says he reported them to the police. I’ve lived in the Philippines, and I can tell you, usually nothing happens when you report someone to the police in the Philippines, because the Pinoy cops can’t be bothered to deal with anything unless you:

  1. Know someone in the police you can text personally, and
  2. Are someone related to him, or pay him money or do some kind of other favor for him

This is especially true with a foreigner-on-foreigner incident, because they view that as none of their business and not their problem.

However, I have not been to the country since President Duterte took over, and I’ve heard that the police are maybe better now.

Whatever the case, there has to be a reason that the pair of ne’er-do-wells shuttered their Twitter accounts, and a reason why Disney-owned VICE and the entire rest of the media are silent on this bizarre event. It is an event that you would expect to get a lot of coverage, because 8chan is big news and Elle Reeve herself is mildly internet-famous for her coverage of the Alt-Right.

So what is going on?

Are they still in the Philippines because there is a mark on their passports and they’re afraid to go to the airport?

This story is much more interesting than say, Trump’s trade war or Trump not building a wall or Trump trying to start a war with Iran – yet we’ve got no info on it.