53-Year-Old Mexican Skank “Poses Nude” After Entrapping Handsome Millionaire with Mommy Issues

Previously on “Old Woman Exploits Famous Millionaire’s Personal Insecurities Rooted in His Abusive Relationship with His Mother”: Sad Story: Sad Ben Affleck Marrying Old Ran-Through 60-Year-Old Latinx JLO

I would like to make a correction here. JLo did not “pose nude.”

These are not “photos,” they are “artistic renderings.”

No matter how much plastic surgery she’s had, there is zero chance that JLo’s body looks even remotely like this. This is just CGI.

Look at what this person commented on the tweet of the video:

That is a woman account. That is likely who this is meant to appeal to. Women all want to believe they can be 53-year-old beauties.

The thing about this is: a woman this age is not fertile. Therefore, there is no biological purpose for her to be sexually attractive. You feel me?

It’s basically like the reverse of the “Cuties” scandal, where they were sexualizing pre-fertile girls. You can moralize about it being worse to sexualize pre-pubescent girls than post-menopausal women (though I’m confused about how a society that endorses child trannies can be outraged about sexualizing children), but on a biological level, it is offensive for the same reason: sexuality exists for the purpose of reproduction. That’s all. If humans didn’t need to procreate sexually, there would be no sex drive, and men’s lives would be a lot better.

There is this word: “paraphilia.” I’m sure they’ve redefined it now, but the word means “a sexual desire that exists outside of the framework of reproduction.”

So that includes:

  • Homophilia
  • Pedophilia
  • Gerontophilia

An attraction to a 53-year-old woman would typically be Gerontophilia, but all of this plastic surgery, makeup, and CGI editing of images messes with that.

Of course, a woman knows that her only value is sex, unless she is able to produce children who want to protect her, or unless she is able to emotionally manipulate men. So seeing JLo in these fake pictures fulfills a woman’s fantasy that she can keep up the sexual exploitation game into her geriatric years.

Here’s a picture taken on the same day those fake photos were released:

Her entire body is covered in makeup, because she knew there would be photographers for her birthday date with her prisoner-husband.

But let’s zoom in on the bits we can see.

She doesn’t ever show much skin in public these days. Just in fake CGI photos and videos she releases. In public, she sometimes wears muumuus.

Check out the veins on her neck.

I salute her for staying fit – no joke. But any points she gets from me for staying fit for her age are taken away by the fact she’s releasing these CGI fake sex photos. This is an absolute hoax, and a type of atrocity.

I am utterly outraged by Ben Affleck marrying this old woman. It is the symbolic epitome of what has been done to men by this gynocratic order, where men are taught that their only value comes from women’s approval (because every woman is their mommy, and mommy was the one that determined if they lived or died).

Ben Affleck’s wife left him and took his kids.

That sucks, okay? Everyone gets that that sucks. But it also happens to most men, or almost all men. (If there’s one thing I’m tired of, it’s men who have been married for 3-4 years telling other men how they just need to man-up and get married to the right girl – come tell me that in 10 years, bro. We’ll see where you’re at and if you’re still “manning it up.”)

If this happens to you, you have two choices:

  • Remarry to a young and fertile woman
  • Stay alone

If you already have kids and you’re 50, the second option seems most preferable. But those are the only two options.

Marrying some old bitch so she can be your friend and your mommy is just sick. It’s sick. Why would anyone want to hang out with a woman?

If you’re really like, lonely, then buy a house next to your best friend’s house, and you can hang out with him. You can also make new friends. For me, I like being alone best. But I am able to understand some men are more social. I do need social activity, but the amount I need is minimal. I can understand, however, that someone could have a personality that needs more of that.

What I cannot understand is wanting to socialize with women. Are you a homosexual? What are you going to talk to a woman about when you’re hanging out? I can understand some incels on incel forums or whatever who think that they’re going to have a girlfriend like Kim.

However, as much as I like that show, that is not a real portrayal of a woman. That is a show that is written by men, where they are creating the male ideal of a woman.

If you’ve been around women – if you’ve been married and divorce-raped, like Ben Affleck has been – there is just no sense to this.

The reason that men do it is that we live in a society where men are trained from infancy to believe that their value is dependent on a woman’s approval. Obviously, a single mother theoretically creates the worst possible situation for this, but a house with a weak father who submits to the mother can almost be worse, because you grow up watching your father submit, and you think this is what you are supposed to do. If you have a single mother, then maybe you had a father who wouldn’t submit. All Western marriages where the man does not submit end in divorce, and most marriages where the man does submit end in divorce.

What about Ben?


During Affleck’s childhood, his father had a self-described “severe, chronic problem with alcoholism”, and Affleck has recalled him drinking “all day … every day”. His father was “very difficult”, and Affleck felt a sense of “relief” at the age of 11 when his parents divorced, and his father exited the family home. His father continued to drink heavily and eventually became homeless, spending two years living on the streets of Cambridge.


That’s a classic case.

Why was the father drinking so much, I wonder? Did the mother drive him to drink? Or did she marry a man with a weak personality, so she could control him? Either way, it is the mother’s fault that Ben has a drunk father, and Ben grew up with his entire existence being dependent on the mother.

So, he is a man who has never dealt with this using anything other than alcohol – instead of finding the real cure, which is Jesus Christ (frankly, alcohol does help, but it doesn’t work on its own) – so he is a man who is in constant need of a mommy.

JLo is a predator who is taking advantage of this broken man, who was destroyed as a boy. She can feed off of him, materially, emotionally, and socially. The only thing he gets is a woman to control him, which is what he believes he needs, because this is the only way he knows how to live. He has terminal mommy syndrome.

I wish he would have called me for counseling before marrying another mommy.