32-Year-Old Comedian Dies Randomly for No Reason

So, he was fat and black.

But just ask yourself: do you remember 32-year-old celebrities dying randomly in the pre-vax world?


Teddy Ray, a comedian and actor who appeared on the HBO Max series “PAUSE with Sam Jay,” has died, authorities confirmed on Saturday. He was 32.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and the county’s coroner’s office confirmed that the death of the comedian, whose legal name was Theadore Brown, was reported Friday morning in the desert community of Rancho Mirage, the Los Angeles Times reported. Sheriff’s Sgt. Brandi Swan, who said deputies responded to a call about the death at a private residence, said that the cause of death was unknown.

Entertainment companies and some of Ray’s fellow comedians reacted with sadness to the news of Ray’s death.

“Teddy Ray was a hilarious and beloved performer,” TV network Comedy Central said in a Twitter statement. “He’ll be deeply missed by the entire comedy community.”

I’m not even really reporting on many of these mysterious deaths for no reason. I kind of just insert them randomly, just to remind you. This one is less heinous than a lot of them. Remember the vaxer Congressman whose 17-year-old daughter died in her sleep?

At first I was like:

But then I was just like:

But these deaths are happening constantly to famous people.

And we don’t hear the reports of non-famous people, other than from friends and family and workmates, and we can’t really calculate that. Life insurance and funeral home data is being purposefully obfuscated by the government and media – they’re just lying about it.

The world over, tens of millions of people have died from this vax in the first wave. Hundreds of millions of others have had life-changing damage that will take decades off of their lives. And this is just getting started.

The Gamer Uprising forum has a thread about vaccine injuries and deaths you can follow. It’s more than I can cover. The whole site would just be about this. It happens multiple times per day that some famous person dies for no reason.

Here’s something to think about: remember when Heath Ledger died just before Nolan Batman 2 was released? He was 28 and this was like a huge, massive deal, where people were talking for months about the cause. It turned out he had insomnia, and was mixing prescription opioids, benzos, and alcohol. And even then, the reason he died was that he was alone and fell asleep – he could have been resuscitated. But he wasn’t discovered until 3 in the afternoon by his housekeeper.

It is really, really hard to kill someone under the age of 40, and really under the age of 50. Even super hard-living people don’t die until their mid-50s, generally. Chris Farley was 33, morbidly obese, and smoking crack and shooting heroin – and he only died because the hooker he was with didn’t call 911 when he passed out.

These young deaths used to be very, very rare, and it was a super big deal when it happened. Now it’s just like “oh yeah, that 32-year-old guy just died, it happens all the time now.”

Risk does not appear to be decreasing from the time from the injection of the vax. Most people took the vax in 2021, and they’re still dying randomly at about the same rate.

Conversely, no one died from the coronavirus, other than people who would have died from the flu. It’s almost like the “coronavirus” was actually just the flu.