2020 Presidential Election Winner Donald Trump Calls Out Stupid Russia War Hoax Again

2020 Presidential winner Donald Trump has again attacked fake president Joe Biden for promoting the Russia war hoax.


The US has too many problems of its own to hand money and weapons to Ukraine for its conflict with Russia, former US President Donald Trump has said. It’s Europe that should be providing more help to Kiev as it’s far more affected by the situation, he insisted.

Speaking at the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, Trump recalled how he pushed for NATO members in the EU to increase their defense spending to 2% of their GDP during his presidency. Back then, the US was “taken advantage of by Europe,” and now the same thing is happening again over Ukraine, he said.

“We’ve so far given more than $60 billion to Ukraine. Well, the European countries, who are obviously far more affected than us, have given a tiny fraction of that number,” the ex-president noted.

If he were still in office, he “could’ve gone over there [to Europe] and said: ‘Listen, you’re going to put up the same money or more money than us.’ And they would’ve done it gladly,” Trump claimed.

“But we just give money out. And we have $35 trillion in debt. We have all of these problems,” he said, referring to record inflation in the US, the energy crisis, and other issues.

Trump also doubted whether even the massive levels of US assistance would change the situation on the ground in Ukraine. “Now, it’s much tougher to solve,” he said about the crisis. “Russia has 35 times the fire power. And they’re looking to obliterate the weapons as we send them in. A lot of bad things are happening,” he added.

During his term, the US had “no problem” with Russia, China or North Korea, and “nobody even talked about” Ukraine, the ex-president claimed.

But in just two years under Joe Biden, the US “has gone from the strongest that it has ever been… to perhaps the weakest, especially when you include recognition and respect from all around the world. We’re not respected any longer by anybody,” said Trump.

It’s not even untrue that the world respected Trump. The only people who were rolling their eyes at “silly orange man” were the same people now promoting a war against Russia to save global democracy and claiming that the Ukraine is somehow a democracy.

The Ukraine is post democracy. It’s post democracy in the sense that the US government paid for a violent revolution of women, Jews, homosexuals, and neo-Nazis to overthrow a democratically elected government in the Ukraine in 2014, and it’s post democracy in the sense that they duct tape people to posts and call it democracy.

The Ukraine has banned every opposition party and banned all opposition media. The media censorship in the Ukraine is even worse than it is in the United States. The only country you can really compare it to is North Korea.

North Korea is in some ways more democratic than the Ukraine, as Kim Jong-Un has extreme popular support. You can say “oh well, that’s because the government silences all criticism” and it’s like, yeah, okay – well, so does the Ukraine government.

He banned opposition media before the Russian invasion. Then after the invasion, he nationalized all opposition media. He’s also completely banned every opposition party, and arrested their leaders. Just in June, he banned another party, and seized all their assets. It is illegal to oppose Zelensky in any way in the Ukraine. At least in America, there is at least a show where they pretend like you can vote.

I know we have gotten used to playing fast and loose with the word “democracy,” and I’ve argued that it only means “anal sex” when the media says it, but claiming that the Ukraine is a democracy is simply bizarre. It has zero qualities that anyone associates with a democratic system of government, other than Jews in control and gay pride marches.

So – the people who believe the Ukraine is a democracy are the same people that giggled at Trump and said he was not a serious person. Russia, China, India, and the entire third world took him seriously, and actually liked him because he was a larger than life character. I talked to so many Chinamen who appeared to feel almost personally slighted by Trump’s tariffs on China, saying that he is such a great man. But of course, China teaches in universities that America is run by Jews, so they didn’t blame him personally for US actions against them.

Remember what Trump said to NATO about paying all this money to “defend” against Russia while also being 100% dependent on Russia for gas and oil?

Serious people took that seriously. People who have some basic idea of how the world works took that seriously.

All of this bullshit is retarded, and it is completely insane that the Republican Party is virtually unified in supporting this war. Who is against it?


  • Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Matt Gaetz
  • Paul Gosar
  • Thomas Massie
  • Matt Rosendale (Catholic guy from Montana who doesn’t make much noise)


  • Rand Paul
  • (Maybe/sort of Josh Hawley)

Who else? Most of them just attack Biden for doing the war wrong. Lindsey Graham and others actively support Biden’s methods of doing the war.

The first bill passed on March 2, just days after the invasion, which was more symbolic and just saying “I support war against Russia,” passed the House.

Those were Gosar, Massie, and Rosendale. I can imagine that Marjorie, bless her heart, needed to have someone explain the situation to her. I don’t know why Matt Gaetz voted for it though!

There might be a few others who I listed that are against the war. I don’t follow rando Congresspeople very closely, and there are maybe another few who have spoken out against this war. There were 57 House Republicans and 11 Senate Republicans that split with leadership and voted against the $40 billion bill, but many of those in theory support war with Russia and just think Biden is doing it wrong.

Ultimately, it is more than 90% of Congresspeople that are on-board with war against Russia, ostensibly to save a democracy in the Ukraine which doesn’t exist.

And yet: Trump is out there calling the whole thing bullshit.

That’s real. That’s a big deal.

When Mitch McConnell said that “the conflict in the Ukraine is the most important thing in the world,” he was actually right, just not in the way he meant it.

It absolutely is the thing of the most consequence happening on the earth right now. The entire world is being transformed completely by the US/NATO alliance deciding to become a co-belligerent in a border skirmish in the former Soviet Union.

At this point, I basically support the US government completely destroying itself and transferring all global power to Russia and China. But the people should know the truth about what is going on, so that when the bottom falls out on this thing, they know who to blame.

It’s not Russia that’s to blame! US/NATO had the option of not getting involved in a former USSR border skirmish, as they’ve not gotten involved in dozens of previous events, including the Russian wars with Chechnya, Georgia, and previous conflict with the Ukraine, along with the ongoing border skirmish between Armenia and Azerbaijan. A border skirmish in the former USSR is not an important world event – unless the biggest military alliance in history decides to start a war with Russia over it.

At least Trump tells the truth.

I wonder what Ron DeSantis thinks about the war against Russia?

Here’s Trump’s recent Arizona rally (which I believe he held in support of Ali Jamal, but I haven’t watched it yet).