2017 Alleged Antifa Poster Telling White People They Aren’t Allowed to Date Other Whites Goes Viral

This image of an Antifa sign that says that white people shouldn’t breed with other whites is from 2017. It’s going viral now. Back at the time, Snopes interviewed “Emerald City Antifa,” and they said they didn’t post it.

Who knows if it’s a hoax. Apparently, they were posted around the city of Seattle.

I don’t think Seattle is even especially diverse. The message is basically in line with Antifa/Jewish ideology. We were remembering the other day that the (Jewish) former president of France made announcements telling people to race mix to create peace in France.

As I’ve said: if you’re going to have diversity, you have to have physical segregation, i.e., racial ghettos, or it is prison rules. The only logical solution is to incentivize mixing. It’s actually surprising you don’t see more people saying this openly, instead of just flooding the TV with BMWF couples.

I guess if they actually said it aloud, white men would start demanding a refugee program for Thai and Filipina girls.