11-Year-Old White Girl Charged with Hate Crime for Allegedly Giving Black Girl a Black Eye

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2019

Not even 11-year-old white girls get a pass for not embracing diversity.

Daily Mail:

An 11-year-old white girl has been charged with a hate crime after the parent of an African-American girl said her daughter was beaten and racially abused while riding a school bus.

Police in New York State received a complaint from the parent on September 10 that described the girl’s injuries including a black eye after being punched, hair being pulled out and a bruise on her knee after falling onto a bus seat.

Two girls, an 11-year-old and another 10-year-old white girl, both students at Gouverneur Middle School in upstate New York, were responsible for the assault.

The girls were subsequently charged with ‘second-degree harassment,’ and the 11-year-old was additionally charged with ‘third-degree assault as a hate crime‘ according to WWNY.

The two girls and their families will have their cases handled in family court.

A 28-year-old white bus monitor, Tiffany Spicer, is alleged to have simply stood by and watch the assault take place instead of stepping in to stop or prevent the attack.

She has been charged with ‘three counts of endangering the welfare of a child’ in the attack.

‘It is probably the most professionally devastating event since I started working at Gouverneur in 1984,’ the superintendent of the Gouverneur Central School District, Lauren French said.

How do we become better out of this? How do we treat everyone better?‘ French asked.

How do we become better out of this? Easy! Just give guns and all kinds of weapons to these girls.

Let them fight it out.

It was recently discovered that if we repress women’s anger and force them to pretend everything’s alright, they’ll die, so at least battling it out will give them a chance.

Giving weapons to pubescent girls and forcing them into an arena to fight other pubescent girls is the merciful thing to do, compared to the alternative of forcing them to repress their anger — which leads to them having a stroke, according to science.

You don’t want 11-year-old Nazi girls to have a stroke, do you?

War and bloodbath is how they’ll remain stroke-free.

To make everything more fair for everyone, we’ll let black men train their black girls and provide them with black people’s weapons and technology so that black girls can more accurately represent their team.

We’ll train our white girls and use white people’s technology to help them win.

I’m telling you, 11-year-old white girls already want to kill all browns and blacks.

We just have to give them the signal and the means to do it.

They’ll do it.

They haven’t been exposed to the brainwashing and corruption of the overlords for long enough to become completely brain-dead husks yet.

If we’re going to save them, now’s the time.